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  • Winter 2019 - Topics: New Approach to Cover Crops Offers Promise; Biocontrol in Blueberries: determining agents, distributions, and interactions with pests; New Cover Crop Website for the Southern Region; SARE Learning Center: New Online Soil Health Infographic
  • Fall 2018 - Topics: Welcoming Tim Coolong; SmartIrrigation; Biocontrol with Benefits; Biomanagement of Soils; Organic Cool-Season Crop Rotation Publication
  • Summer 2018 - Topics: Farm Bill 2018; Vidalia Onion Organic Fertilizer; Cattle Grazing Preferences on Cover Crops: preliminary results; Sunn Hemp: soil building cover crop with forage potential; The Lavender Business in Georgia
  • Spring 2018 - Topics: Spring Organic High Tunnel Lettuce; 2018 Cover Crop Field Day; Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer Calculator; Middle School Students Reap Social and Educational Benefits from Farm to School Program
  • Winter 2018 - Topics: Fake News: Federal Grants for Buying Farms and Making Capital Improvements; No-Till Tomato Production Shows Promise; Perennial Sorghum and Ethiopian Farmers; Winter Squash Varieties for the Southeast; Mark Your Calendars for these Upcoming Events!
  • Fall 2017 - Topics: UGA Cooperative Extension Helps You Enhance the Safety of Locally Produced Food; Pasture Rental Rate Calculator; Advanced Grazing School; and Thoughts on Beekeeping
  • Spring 2017 - Topics: Spring Southeast Update; Diversity in Agriculture: In-depth Look at Dayspring Farm; Taste the Sweet Success at the Flavor of Georgia Food Product Contest; and Getting the Most from Cover Crops
  • Winter 2017 - Topics: Winter Southeast Update; Biosecurity for the Homefront; Irrigation Management: Scheduling Irrigation with Smartirrigation Apps; Journeyman Farmer Program - Yr. 2 & 3; and Seed Library in Cherokee County
  • Summer 2016 - Topics: Summer Southeast Update; Grassfed Cattle Relies on Overseeding Cool Season Forages; Urban Agriculture in the Right-of-Way; and Journeyman Farmer Program Gears Up for Second Year Excitement
  • Spring 2016 - Topics: Journeyman Farmer Certificate Program Information; Habitat Provisioning for Beneficial Arthropods; Modern Marketing Tools; and Using Cover Crops to Reduce Runoff and Non-Point Source Pollution
  • Winter 2016 - Topics: Pollinator Field Day in Walton County; Feeding Cities: Gardens are Great but What About Trees?; and A Living Mulch for Better Row Crop Production
  • Fall 2016 - Topics: Cyanobacteria in the Georgia Piedmont; Poultry Production Systems for Meat Birds; Natural Dye Garden for Textiles; "We Don't Need No 'Nother Dust Bowl!"
  • Fall 2015 - Topics: October is National Farm to School Month!; Factors Constraining the Organic Farmers' Access to Borrowed Capital; Tractor and Small Farm Equipment Training Workshop; and Grazing for a Better Grass-Fed Beef
  • Spring 2015 - Topics: High-Five to High Tunnels in the Southeast; Troup County Grazing Craze; Organic Farms and Immigrant Labor; Biological Control Seed Treatments for a Scourge of Watermelons; and Perennial Grain Crops: Useful and Possible
  • Winter 2015 - Topics: Bees, Beneficials, and the Smoking Gun in the Decline of the Good Guys!; Floating Row Covers to Prevent Cucurbit Yellow Vine Disease; Shading Nets Affect Fruit Yield and Quality and Extend Growing Season in Bell Pepper; and Using Automated Systems for Water Conservation
  • Fall 2014 - Topics: Breeding Watermelons for Organic Production; Predicting Nitrogen from Cover Crops; What Kind of Food Hub is Right for You?; and UGArden: The Student-Run Demonstration and Teaching Farm at UGA!
  • Summer 2014 - Topics: Marketing Series: Communication; What is an Heirloom Variety?; Ensuring Farmers' Markets are Producer-Grown; and Stop! Don't Build that Food Hub!
  • Spring 2014 - Topics: There's a New Pest in Town: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug; RC Pinhead: A Plastic Mulch Labor Saver; Late Blight in Greenhouses; Farm to Chef Networking; and Organic Production Gains New Faculty Member
  • Fall 2013 - Topics: Kudzu Bugs!; Cross-Cultural Education in Sustainable Agriculture; Cultivating a Sustainable Farming Community in Atlanta; and A Snapshot of Ecologically-Based Production from the County Agents' Point of View
  • Summer 2013 - Topics: Food Safety Modernization Act; Protecting Beneficials; Pollinator Habitat: Making the Most of What You Have; and Vegetable Variety Development Survey
  • Spring 2013 - Topics: Market Income Calculator; Master Composting Class; Backyard Poultry Management; and Georgia Farmers Interested in Selling to Food Hubs: An Interactive Map
  • Winter 2013 - Topics: Revolutionizing Nursery Irrigation; Reusing Tires for Livestock Watering Tanks and Feeders; and Vegetable Variety Development Survey
  • Fall 2012 - Topics: New Research and Education Center Supports Sustainable Agriculture; UGA Hosts 1st Annual Organic Twilight Tour; Tips for Fall Disease Prevention; Georgia Farm to School Program Takes Off; and Henry County Farmer's Market Success Leads to More Markets
  • Summer 2012 - Topics: Yellowmargined Leaf Beetle; Late Blilght Outbreak in Tomatoes; Using Solar Power to Make Cattle Production Sustainable Predictions; and So What Do Southeastern Beef Consumers Want?
  • Spring 2012 - Topics: Farewell to a Friend; Certificate of Organic Agriculture; Timely Frost and Weather Predictions for Farmers; Will This Mild Winter Mean More Insects This Summer?; Organic Tomato Variety Trials - And the Winner Is...; and Farming in Atlanta
  • Spring 2011 - Topics: Sustainable Agriculture - Quality of Life; Weather and Climate Information Can Help Sustainable Farmers; Small Farms and Farmer's Markets Food Safety Survey; Managing Pigweed in Conservation Tillage Systems; and Fort Valley State University Makes New Publication on Organic Fruit and Vegetable Available
  • Fall 2010 - Topics: Goat Extension Education to Meet an Evolving Demographic; "Growing Local" Conference Held in Tifton; Soil Test to Manage and Build Soil Fertility; and Crop Rotation and Sustainability
  • Summer 2010 - Topics: Locally Produced Beef Workshop; Sustainability of Tropical Ecosystems Field Study; Agroforestry with Wild Crops; and National Organic Program to Begin Spot Checking
  • Winter 2010 - Topics: Georgia Receives Two New SARE Grants; Georgia Organics 2010 Held in Athens; Chefs Hungry for Local Produce; and Two Upcoming Field Days for Graziers
  • Fall 2009 - Topics: Vegetable Grower Survey; Food Safety, Small Farms, and Farmers' Markets; Marketing Eggs from the Backyard Flock; Compost for Sustainable Vegetable Production; and Crop Residue Suppresses Weeds
  • Summer 2009 - Topics: Earth Day Workshop Update; Teaching Update; New Pumpkin for Georgia; and Managed Grazing Improves Efficiency
  • Spring 2009 - Topics: New Sustainable Ag Research; Come Join Us on Earth Day; Squash Virus Control in Organic Production; and National Organic Program Rules Update
  • Winter 2008 - Topics: Sustainable Agriculture Website; Highlights of the SARE Farm Tour; and Sustainable Vegetable Faculty

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