Small Fruits


Videos from The Organic Grain and Oilseed Workshop 6.27.13 (UGA)

Please click here for an agenda from the event.

Medicinal Herbs


  • Organic Vidalia Onion Production (UGA) Publication on general information related to organic Vidalia onion production.
  • Experiments on Organic Production of Vidalia Onions (UGA) Response of Vidalia onions to various fertilization treatments.
  • Organic Vidalia Onion Program in Georgia (UGA) Website on Vidalia onion research at UGA. 


  • Organic Peanut Program in Georgia (UGA) Information on organic peanut research at UGA.
  • The State of Organic Peanut Production (UGA) Opportunities for peanut farmers in the organic market.
  • Organic Peanuts in the Southeast a Possibility (UGA) Article from the Growing Georgia website ( highlighting the results from years of research on organic peanut production.


  • 2010 Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Directory (GA Dept of Ag)
  • Commercial Organic Vegetable Production (UGA) Guide to growing commercial vegetables organically.
  • Vegetable Gardening in Georgia (UGA) Crop profiles, planting and harvesting tips for Georgia’s most popular vegetable crops. Produced by the UGA Department of Horticulture.
  • Organic Vegetable Program in Georgia (UGA) Information on organic vegetable research at UGA. 
  • Growing Vegetables Organically (UGA) Publication on various aspects of organic vegetable production.
  • 2011 Vegetable Crop Handbook A publication by the Southeastern Vegetable Extension Workers, this document is a collection of information from Land-Grant Universities across the Southeast addressing management practices for many southeastern vegetable crops.
  • Vegetable Seasons in Georgia Chart of availability of most popular vegetables grown in Georgia
  • Planting Guide Calendar for planting vegetables in Georgia, produced by Georgia Organics, Inc.
  • Harvest Guide Harvest calendar for common vegetables in Georgia, produced by Georgia Organics, Inc.
  • Sustainable Practices for Vegetable Production (NCSU) Crop profiles, techniques, and management links related to sustainable vegetable production.
  • Planting and Harvesting Guide (NCSU) Guide for planting vegetables and herbs in the Piedmont area.
  • Growing Tomatoes - A basic guide for home gardeners on growing tomatoes in Georgia.
  • Tomato Grafting for Disease Resistance and Increased Productivity - SARE fact sheet that helps farmers and agricultural educators learn how to graft tomatoes to fight disease and improve the health and vigor of tomato crops.
  • Heirloom Summer Squash at the Kerr Center - Variety trial from an area of Oklahoma with similar climate to Georgia.

Nursery Plants