Livestock and Forages

Beef Cattle



  • Feasibility Analysis for on-farm bottling (UGA) Study conducted by the UGA Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development for a Morgan County dairy interested in local distribution and on-farm bottling
  • Value Added Dairy Options (ATTRA) Information regarding direct marketing of dairy products and organic dairy production.
  • 12 Aprils Dairy Case Study (SARE) Information on a South Carolina dairy which converted to a management-intensive grazing system and on-farm bottling and sales


For information on production of goats and other small ruminants in Georgia, please contact our colleagues at Fort Valley State University and their Georgia Small Ruminant Research and Extension Center.

Other Livestock

  • Llama and Alpaca Farming (ATTRA)
  • Southeastern Alpaca Association
  • Starting a Rabbit Enterprise (Mississippi State)
  • Sheep Production (Clemson University)
  • Swine Production on a small scale (University of Florida)

Forages & Grazing

  • (UGA) The Georgia Forages website is your window to information on a wide variety of forage management issues. This information is extended to you by scientists from the University of Georgia, who continue to research all aspects of forage and livestock management.
  • An Introduction to Management Intensive Grazing (UGA) General principles of management intensive grazing and how it can be incorporated into farming practices.
  • Grazing Impacts on Pasture Composition (UGA)
  • Pastures: Sustainable Management (ATTRA) Weed control, fertility, grazing rotation, and other strategies for pasture maintenance.
  • Pasture, Rangeland, and Grazing Management (ATTRA) Information on pasture types, forage varieties, and implementation of sustainable pasture management.
  • Southern Forages 5th ed. Great resource on grasses and legumes. Produced by International Plant Nutrition Institute.
  • Watering Systems for Serious Grazers An NRCS publication on innovative watering systems for livestock
  • Tire Tanks Tire tanks installation guidelines developed by Herschel George, Watershed Specialist from Kansas State University.

Meat Processing

  • Tools for Small and Midsized Livestock and Poultry This USDA resource is for producers and processors. A guide to help explore USDA programs that support opportunities in small and midsized livestock and poultry.
  • A Directory of Livestock Harvesting and Processing Facilities (UGA) Listing of contact information, hours, animals processed, fees, and packaging methods for Georgia meat processing facilities.
  • Small Poultry/Pasture Poultry Guidelines - A quick guide to the regulations for small poultry processing in Georgia.
  • Development Options for Small-Scale Poultry Processing Facilities in Georgia This report by Smithson Mills covers current regulations and the feasibility of establishing processing facilities for small-scale poultry.
  • Feasibility Study for Mobile Poultry Processing Facility in Hancock, Co. GA (UGA)Provides useful information on regulations and site specific survey data regarding poultry processing.
  • Small Scale Poultry Processing Regulations (UGA) Answers to questions regarding the slaughtering of poultry in Georgia from 2005.
  • Did the Locker Plant Steal Some of My Meat?(South Dakota State University) Get answers to a frequently asked question.
  • Feasibility Study for a Local Processing Facility (UGA) Study provided by Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development (CAED). Provides helpful information on requirements for starting a new meat processing facility.
  • Cattle Producer Interest on Growing Grass Fed Beef Study (UGA) Willingness of cattle producers to switch to grass-fed beef production.
  • Buying Beef in Large Quantities (Oklahoma) Learn what to expect when buying carcasses and how to estimate the amount and cost per pound of take home meat.
  • Meat Retail-Cut Diagrams:
    • Beef
    • Pork
    • Lamb